What Can Go Wrong with the Dryer on Your Car's AC?

It's important to have a well-functioning air conditioning unit in your car around the year. But what happens if your AC starts blowing warm air instead of refreshing cool? One of the most common culprits could be a faulty dryer. The dryer plays an integral role in the functioning of your car's air conditioning unit, and without proper maintenance, it can cause a lot of problems. So, what can go wrong and how can you prevent those issues?

What Are Some of the Most Common Problems With a Vehicle Air Conditioning System?

A car's air conditioning system is an often-overlooked but integral part of the vehicle. It regulates the temperature inside your cabin and plays a role in keeping you comfortable while driving. Unfortunately, like any other piece of machinery, such a system can malfunction or deteriorate over time. So, if you suspect some issues at the moment, what could be going wrong? Low Refrigerant Levels   The refrigerant is the liquid that carries heat from inside your car to the outside world.

Four Ways Automatic Transmission Services Can Extend The Lifespan Of Your Car

Automatic transmission fluid is critical to the proper operation of your car's transmission. It keeps the gears moving smoothly and safely, but it can also be expensive to change out. That's why it's so important to take care of your transmission by making sure it doesn't run dry and giving it routine maintenance. Here are four ways automatic transmission services can extend the lifespan of your car: 1. Automatic Transmission Services Keep Your Transmission Clean

4 Reasons You Shouldn't Keep Driving with a Bad Muffler

Your vehicle's exhaust system is responsible for ensuring proper airflow and for venting dangerous fumes away from the engine and out the back of your vehicle. The muffler is one of the key parts of that system. It works through every drive to keep your ride quiet and keep the air moving. Unfortunately, mufflers do sometimes need to be replaced, and yet drivers are often tempted to keep using their vehicle even when they're aware something is wrong with the muffler.

What's One Of The Smallest But Most Important Parts Of Your Vehicle's A/C?

The air conditioning fitted to your car is complicated, albeit essential on a typically hot Australian day. You need to keep it in good working order if you want to remain cool, calm and collected behind the wheel and the best way to do this is to take the vehicle in for regular service. However, things can go wrong, and you may encounter issues along the way. One part of the system that may need your attention is the receiver and dryer mechanism.