Shuddering, Slipping and Safe Mode — How to Recognise Problems with Your Torque Converter

Most automatic transmission systems are very reliable and can be expected to last a long time. If they do go wrong, it can often be traced back to issues with the internal torque converter. What is this, how does it work and what type of problem could materialise? Torque Converter in Action The torque converter is a very clever device that sits in between the engine and transmission. It takes the place of the clutch pedal and associated mechanism on a manual car and controls the output from the engine.

2 Signs the Clutch in Your Car's Manual Transmission Needs Professional Attention

If your car has a manual transmission, you are most likely used to the way the pedal and the vehicle feel while the transmission shifts gears. You may not even think about it too much because using the stick shift and clutch pedal has become second nature to you while you are driving. However, you may have noticed a change in the way everything feels and moves. If so, below are a couple of signs that indicate the clutch is responsible for the issues and will need the attention of a professional.

Various Signs That Show Your Car Needs Auto Electrical Repair

Most of the cars running on the roads today rely on electricity for various functionalities. You require electricity to start your vehicle, and also, the parts fundamental in running a car are the battery, starter, and alternator. If these three electrical parts are damaged, you will experience a rough time on the road. Therefore, you should drive to the nearest auto electrical repair shop for a quick check. Additionally, you shouldn't skip your servicing appointments to avoid unexpected electrical issues like those discussed below.

Some Common Suspension System Trouble Signs to Watch Out For

Your car's suspension system contributes to a safe and comfortable ride by keeping the tyres in contact with the road surface and absorbing shocks from kinetic impacts on the road.  Having a faulty suspension can greatly affect your in-car comfort and make it difficult for you to control the vehicle. The secret to keeping your suspension working properly is to have it maintained regularly and repaired at the earliest signs of trouble.

How to Solve the Most Common Automatic Car Transmission Problems

Vehicles that have automatic transmission are generally more common than manual transmission models. The benefit of getting a car with automatic transmission is that you learn to drive faster, and when you are on the road, you only have to concern yourself with your speed and the car's position on the road.  However, an automatic transmission is also prone to developing problems. When this happens, you have to see an auto mechanic for diagnosis and solution.