How to Solve the Most Common Automatic Car Transmission Problems

Vehicles that have automatic transmission are generally more common than manual transmission models. The benefit of getting a car with automatic transmission is that you learn to drive faster, and when you are on the road, you only have to concern yourself with your speed and the car's position on the road. 

However, an automatic transmission is also prone to developing problems. When this happens, you have to see an auto mechanic for diagnosis and solution. Here are the most common transmission issues and their possible solutions.

When the Gear Grinds and Shakes

One of the early ways to tell if your vehicle's automatic transmission is damaged and needs repairs are when the gear starts grinding and shaking, especially when you shift it. This might seem like a slight problem initially, and it might be a simple problem with the gear lever. However, there are also times when the shaking and grinding could be an indication of a deeper underlying issue. 

Regardless, it is best to contact a professional mechanic to assess your vehicle and determine the gear problems' cause.

When the Vehicle Stops Responding When In Gear

The other way to tell that you need to take your vehicle to a professional auto mechanic is when its behaviour while in gear changes. For example, if your car does not respond immediately when you put it either in gear or reverse, it is time to see an auto mechanic about it. 

Typically, the delays start when the transmission fluid degenerates and its protective properties deteriorate. A mechanic will help you by exchanging the transmission fluid so that the parts can resume their regular function.

When the Vehicle Smells Like It's Burning

The other indicator that you might have car transmission issues is when your vehicle starts having a burning smell when you are driving. A car should never have a burning smell. Typically, when this happens, it is because the transmission fluid is overheating. Also, it could be leaking, and when the levels become too low, the moving parts of the vehicle start coming into contact with one another. A refill of the fluid or change in transmission fluid is an easy way to eliminate the smell.

The crucial thing is to find a professional to help you manage the signs of transmission problems with your car. With their help, you will fix the issue and restore the efficiency of your vehicle. Contact an automatic transmission service for more information.