3 Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time to Service Your Car

Whether you own a personal car, business truck or a school van, keeping it in top shape has many advantages. It improves its longevity and ensures that your automobile is fully functional throughout the year. However, neglecting to service your vehicle might result in unforeseen problems that mostly crop when you least expect it. Most emergency problems cost a fortune in repairs and replacement of vital components. What might save you from such situations is looking out for the following signs and taking your car for servicing whenever it is due. 

1. Igniting Several Times Before Your Car Starts

Unlike the complicated ignition systems in old vehicle models, current versions are smooth, and they start easily with only a single ignition. That makes it easy to notice any issue that might be arising from your car's ignition system.

So, if you try to ignite your car and it takes several attempts to start it, or you hear some unusual sounds as you turn the key sideways, it might be time to service your car. During servicing, your mechanic will determine whether the issue is emanating from a dying battery, faulty starter, or anything else interfering with your car's ignition.

2. Applying Excessive Force on the Brakes without Noticing Any Change

When your car's brakes are fully functional, you should experience an immediate response when you step on the brake pedal. However, if you step on the pedals and the vehicle does not respond, or it produces a strange sound, servicing your car might be necessary. In many cases, braking problems occur due to worn-out brake pads and rotors. To identify the underlying problem and rectify it, take the vehicle to a reputable mechanic.

3. Strange Smoke from Unknown Areas

When you start your car on a cold morning, it might produce white smoke through its exhaust, which decreases as it gets warmer. However, if you notice coloured smoke from any other part of your vehicle, there could be a deeper problem in the vehicle's systems.

The smoke could be arising from a bonnet, radiation, or oil leak problem. Any of these issues could result in a more severe problem if left unchecked. So, if your vehicle is producing strange smoke from anywhere else except the exhaust, take it for servicing right away.

Servicing your car prevents minor problems from escalating into costly issues. Therefore, if you notice any of the signs above, taking your car for servicing is critical in preventing it from developing more complicated problems.  For more information about car servicing, contact a local auto professional.