How to Sleep Soundly in a Caravan

When you travel by caravan, you have the option of sleeping in what feels more like a real bed, as opposed to the uncomfortable ground in a tent or a sleeping bag. However, it can still be difficult adjusting to this type of sleeping arrangement. Here are some tips for sleeping better in your caravan.

Stick to Your Normal Sleeping Schedule

This may be a tricky one, but it is important if you want to get good sleep while traveling in a caravan. If at all possible, try to find caravan parks before it is your normal sleep time for the night. Attempt to keep to your schedule and start getting ready for bed around the time you normally do. This allows you to have a good sleep and wake cycle, which is how your body learns to adjust to being awake during certain times and asleep during other times.

Spend Time Outside During the Day

If you are on a road trip, there might be limited time to exercise and get fresh air during the day, but if you're camping, this is really important. Instead of hanging out in your caravan all day at the campgrounds, get outside and participate in activities. Not only will regular sunshine make you sleepier by the time the evening rolls around, but you can go hiking or fishing, which will also make you more tired. If you are using the caravan for a road trip and usually stop at caravan parks to hookup before bed, at least take a walk around the park before attempting to sleep.

Get a Good Mattress

Many caravans come with a flat mattress that is often too firm and not at all supportive. There is no reason you can't replace it with an exceptional one! If you plan to sleep in the caravan often, it is definitely worth spending your money on. Get a high-quality mattress and use a mattress topper for even more comfort and support. Combine it with nice pillows and bedding, and you will feel much more comfortable sleeping in the caravan.

Improve the Temperature

When you have the option of hooking up your caravan, take full advantage by turning on the air conditioner. Many caravans are fitted with temperature control, which is highly recommended in order to stay cool and comfortable while trying to get a good nights' sleep. If your caravan doesn't have air conditioning on, now is the perfect time to install it. A mechanic that specializes in caravans should be able to install it for you. Before any big trip, getting maintenance to ensure the temperature control and thermostat is working properly is highly recommended.