Tips on how to do your own minor smash repairs

Car accidents are, unfortunately, quite common, and most people have been in at least a minor car crash since they started driving. Minor car crashes can be when your car gets hit while it's being parked, or if someone bumps into you while driving so that a bulge is created on your car body. Repairing your car after a minor accident is usually not a very complicated procedure, as the injury isn't very extensive. However, in order to perform the best possible smash repairs, there are a few things you should think about.

Sanding after a scratch

If you've only gotten a scratch in the paint because of the minor car accident, this is quite simple to fix. You only need to fill the scratch up with filler and then paint over it. However, in between those steps of the scratch repairing process, you also need to make sure that you sand the surface smooth to make sure no trace of the scratch can be seen. To do this properly, you need to use the finest sandpaper available. This might take more time than you have planned for, but the end result will be a completely smooth surface. It also prevents the risk of the sandpaper creating new scratches in the paint due to being too rough.

Filling or pounding a dent

Dents are also common injuries caused by minor car accidents. Most people tend to immediately turn to the hammer when faced with a dent, but you should make sure to carefully examine the dent before doing so. Most dents will be better fixed by filling rather than pounding by a hammer. See if the metal has been bent so much inward that it's interrupting other structures in the car, or if the metal from the car body is in contact with any other material. In these cases, you should fill rather than pound, as the vibrations caused by the pounding might interfere with the structures that the dent is touching. It might also be too narrow to pound a dent like this with a hammer.

Finding paint

As the last measure of any car body work, you always need to repaint the area where the smash repairs have been made. The first thing you do when looking for an appropriate paint to cover the repaired area with is to turn to your car manufacturer to see if they offer the exact colour that you need. If they don't, you should turn to your mechanic, as they might be able to mix colours for you to create the nuance you're looking for.