Easy Car Repairs that You Can Do Yourself

With the advent of technological advancements in the automotive field, do-it-yourself repairs are becoming harder and harder to execute. Most cars require extensive equipment and diagnostic systems to even pinpoint the problem, but there are still a few repairs that you should have no problem attacking alone. If you're looking to save some money, don't miss these simple fixes.

Windshield Wipers

Old windshield wipers are often characterized by the annoying screech that accompanies every swipe on a rainy day, but there is no need to take your car into the shop to correct the problem. A small screwdriver and a new set of wipers (or rubber strips) are all you need to remove the worn out set and return to a noise-free driving experience.

Brake Pads

Although more labour intensive, replacing your brake pads only involves taking apart the inner workings of a tire (an area that is thankfully free of any complicated electrical systems). Most vehicles nowadays have the front disk brakes, which are known to wear out quicker when compared to rear brake pads. All you need to replace the pads is new brake pads from a reliable manufacturer and a can of brake fluid.

Fuel Gauge

Does your car constantly seem to be low on fuel— even when you recently filled it up? If so, it might not be your gas tank that is to blame. Instead, a faulty fuel gauge sender (or connector) could be sending incorrect information to the sensor on your dashboard. Most vehicles have this receiver under the front or passenger seat, and it can easily be replaced after consulting the owner's manual.

Car Batteries

Because it is essential to starting your car, you really can't live without the battery. Not only does it have to be replaced if you accidentally left your headlights on and drained the power, but your car's battery should be rotated on a schedule (set by the manufacturer). But instead of taking your car to a repair shop, why not replace this important piece yourself? You need to first turn off the engine, detach the black cable from your old battery, and then finally detach the red cable. You can clean any corrosion on your battery tray (this can be done using a mixture of water and baking soda) before attaching the new battery.

In addition to the easy repair recommendations above, consider taking over your oil changes, light bulb replacements, fuel filters changes and radiator flushes. You don't have to be an expert in the automobile industry to pick up a few tools and save yourself money, but if you do need help, contact a place like Malvern Automotive Repairs.