Car Repair | 4 Immediate Actions To Undertake When Car Brakes Fail While Driving

For better safety on the road, all the parts of your car must be functioning properly, including the brakes. Having your car brakes fail while you drive can be a frightening experience. The idea is to remain calm until the car repair service arrives. Here are some immediate actions to undertake when your car brakes fail while driving.

Slow Down Gradually

Once you realise your brakes are failing, you need to put your engine into a lower gear if you have manual transmission. You will also need to reduce pressure on the accelerator, whether your car's transmission is automatic or manual. This will slow down the car. Do this smoothly because taking your foot off the accelerator suddenly will cause your car to jerk. Stepping off the accelerator slowly will also give you better control for bringing your car gradually to a halt. You will then need to wait until the car repair service arrives to attend to your brakes.

Pump Your Brake Pedal

Pumping your brake pedal helps you take advantage of the dual braking system of your car. Most modern cars have dual braking systems that control the front and rear brakes individually. This means that both parts of the system need to fail for your car to completely lose its braking power, which is unlikely. Apply strong and consistent pressure to the brake pedal. Your car is likely to slow down because pumping builds hydraulic pressure. This may kick start your brake for the time being.

Use The Emergency Brake

If the main brakes of your car stop working, use the emergency brakes until they are fixed at a car servicing business. The emergency brake is different from your car's regular hydraulic braking system and should only be used if you main brakes fail while driving. While it may take longer to stop, using the emergency brake is the best option when your main brakes fail.

Move To The Side Of The Road And Wait Till The Car Repair Service Arrives

If your car brakes fail, move your car to the side of the road and wait for a car repair service to arrive. Use the emergency lights and horn of your car to let other vehicles on the road know you're facing a problem. This will help them keep a safe distance, as you attempt to get off the road and onto the shoulder.

These immediate actions before getting to the car repair service will help you stay safe, as you deal with a failed braking system while driving.