Signs of Needed Auto Repair That Most Car Owners Overlook

No car owner likes to take their car to a repair shop; it's inconvenient and can sometimes cost more money than you can afford, but it's also needed to keep your car running as it should and keep it safe. As necessary as it can be, many car owners overlook certain signs that their car needs repair or they put off those needed fixes for as long as they can; this often means more repair work down the road. Note a few signs that you don't want to ignore when it comes to repair work that may be needed under your car's hood.

1. When the Engine Grinds Before Starting

When you turn the key to start your car, the engine should turn right over without hesitation. If it grinds or otherwise hesitates, you don't want to overlook this problem. In some cases, it can be that your car's battery is dying and needs replacing, or the starter to the car may be wearing out. Even if you get your car to start after grinding or hesitation, these problems just get worse so that you're likely to be stranded one day when it finally won't start. Have the battery tested and recharged or replaced if necessary, and if that's not the issue, the starter likely needs replacing.

2. If There is a Loud Whirring or Clicking

If you notice a very loud whirring or clicking sound from the front of the car, it's likely that a radiator fan blade has become dented, dinged, or is otherwise out of place. This can cause a whirring sound when the radiator kicks on to keep the engine cool or a clicking sound as the blade comes into contact with the radiator housing around it. If you ignore this sound, the blade can cause damage to the radiator or it may seize up altogether and your engine then overheats.

3. If the Car Dips to One Side

If your car seems to dip to one side as you're driving or pulls to one side as you turn a corner, this can mean that the tyre on that side has a bulge in the rubber or the springs and shocks on that side are in need of repair. A tyre with a bulge can actually blow out very easily or go flat as the rubber starts to crack under that pressure. Broken springs and shocks can mean damage to the axle and many other parts under the hood since they're not being cushioned from the car's impact against the road. Have this checked rather than ignore the problem so you don't cause more damage or get into an accident because of a blown tyre.

If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, take it into an auto mechanic to get it checked.