Fire's Edge
a novel by
Alan Siporin



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Synopsis of Fire's Edge

"Hatred in the name of God," Mad says, explaining to Hannah why bullet holes puncture the farmhouse home of a group of lesbians. Despite the racist murder of one of her favorite students, Jewish teacher Hannah Turnfeld still believes any kid, no matter how lost, can be redeemed. Fil Childs, a young black man who tracks hate groups because he fears their burgeoning power, wonders if unloved eleven-year-olds, already, are too far gone.

Fil and Hannah meet when she stands up to three skinheads intimidating a frail old man at the trial of neo-Nazi boss, Robert Hanson. This is the way the Holocaust started, her grandmother had told her, picking us off one by one, allowing the Nazis to grow bolder. But the trio's leader, Billy the Kid, turns on Hannah, and Fil intervenes, sending Billy into a rage. The revenge he craves will materialize when their paths cross again in remote rural Oregon. As his fury mounts more lives will become endangered, including the lives of Hannah's young nieces.

In this riveting thriller, award winning writer Alan Siporin probes the dark underbelly of racist and homophobic hate in the Pacific Northwest, providing a terrifying peek into the troubled souls of angry young skinheads, the people they prey on, and the neo-Nazi leaders who prey on these alienated youth. It's a fast-paced ride from urban to rural Oregon where people, good and bad, are tested by the forces of hate. Beneath the mounting tension, they must confront their doubts of involvement and isolation, and question how they keep their own children from going astray

Copyright @2002. Alan Siporin. All rights reserved.
2002 / hardcover / ISBN 0-9722806-0-X / 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" / 320 pgs.
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