Common Car AC Problems

If you have ever wondered about what could be causing the air conditioner of your car to perform at a lower level, take a look at the following common causes of those problems.  Overheating The poor performance of your car's air conditioner may be a side effect of an overheating engine. This is because if the engine overheats the coolant in the AC will not flow effectively through the condenser. This can prevent that coolant from cooling down and changing to a gas from its liquid state.

4 Warning Signs of Catalytic Converter Trouble

Your car is legally required to be equipped with a catalytic converter. The function of one is to convert the pollutants found in exhaust fumes into less harmless elements, and will change gases as they pass through the exhaust if working properly. However, a faulty catalytic converter will have a knock-on effect on the performance of the vehicle, and it is a part that should be replaced quickly if anything is wrong.

Car Repair | 4 Immediate Actions To Undertake When Car Brakes Fail While Driving

For better safety on the road, all the parts of your car must be functioning properly, including the brakes. Having your car brakes fail while you drive can be a frightening experience. The idea is to remain calm until the car repair service arrives. Here are some immediate actions to undertake when your car brakes fail while driving. Slow Down Gradually Once you realise your brakes are failing, you need to put your engine into a lower gear if you have manual transmission.

Easy Car Repairs that You Can Do Yourself

With the advent of technological advancements in the automotive field, do-it-yourself repairs are becoming harder and harder to execute. Most cars require extensive equipment and diagnostic systems to even pinpoint the problem, but there are still a few repairs that you should have no problem attacking alone. If you're looking to save some money, don't miss these simple fixes. Windshield Wipers Old windshield wipers are often characterized by the annoying screech that accompanies every swipe on a rainy day, but there is no need to take your car into the shop to correct the problem.

Cheaper clutch repairs to try before doing a full clutch replacement

If you are having issues with your clutch, hearing the quotes for a full clutch replacement can be eye-wateringly high. A clutch replacement tends to be expensive as the clutch placement means that the mechanic needs to remove some other large components, including the gear box in many models. Here are a few clutch repairs that your clutch specialists might suggest before going for a full clutch replacement. Draining the brake fluid on a hydraulic clutch