How to Sleep Soundly in a Caravan

When you travel by caravan, you have the option of sleeping in what feels more like a real bed, as opposed to the uncomfortable ground in a tent or a sleeping bag. However, it can still be difficult adjusting to this type of sleeping arrangement. Here are some tips for sleeping better in your caravan. Stick to Your Normal Sleeping Schedule This may be a tricky one, but it is important if you want to get good sleep while traveling in a caravan.

Tips on how to do your own minor smash repairs

Car accidents are, unfortunately, quite common, and most people have been in at least a minor car crash since they started driving. Minor car crashes can be when your car gets hit while it's being parked, or if someone bumps into you while driving so that a bulge is created on your car body. Repairing your car after a minor accident is usually not a very complicated procedure, as the injury isn't very extensive.

Signs That You Require a Transmission Flush

One of the important aspects of transmission services is a transmission flush. This is where the auto mechanic will remove all the oil from your vehicle's transmission. They will then proceed to pass a cleaning solution through the transmission using specialised equipment. This works toward eliminating sludge and grime that has developed over time. Once the transmission has been thoroughly flushed, the auto mechanic replaces fresh fluid into the transmission. So how do you know if your car requires a transmission flush?

Common Car AC Problems

If you have ever wondered about what could be causing the air conditioner of your car to perform at a lower level, take a look at the following common causes of those problems.  Overheating The poor performance of your car's air conditioner may be a side effect of an overheating engine. This is because if the engine overheats the coolant in the AC will not flow effectively through the condenser. This can prevent that coolant from cooling down and changing to a gas from its liquid state.

4 Warning Signs of Catalytic Converter Trouble

Your car is legally required to be equipped with a catalytic converter. The function of one is to convert the pollutants found in exhaust fumes into less harmless elements, and will change gases as they pass through the exhaust if working properly. However, a faulty catalytic converter will have a knock-on effect on the performance of the vehicle, and it is a part that should be replaced quickly if anything is wrong.