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Teachers' Praise

In addition to readings and signings, Alan offers a unique and effective way of reaching people, and young people in particular, concerning hate, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. As a journalist, novelist and facilitator of public forums, he employs fiction and journalism together in an interactive format.

Alan reported on hate crimes, including interviewing (in prison) a neo-Nazi skinhead who beat a black man to death with a baseball bat. He knows the horrible face of these crimes. He can engage students with readings, and follow the readings with questions, answers and discussion based on first hand experience. Alan has facilitated public forums and panels for the community, and with students at the University of Oregon, Portland State, Oregon State, Lane Community College, and numerous high school classes. He moderated the Oregon Gubernatorial debate in 1994.

Here’s what some of the teachers who used Fire’s Edge in the classroom are saying:

“I’ve never taught a book that has engaged so many students so deeply. They came to know not only the characters but also themselves in a new way.”

— Amy Sampson, English teacher, North Eugene High School, Eugene, Oregon.

“My English teacher heart did cartwheels of joy over Fire’s Edge. After listening to my students share their dismay that skinheads and hate crimes exist, I recognize how important this novel is in offering a forum to initiate discussion of hate crimes and intolerance “

— Vange Bigham, English department chair, Springfield High, Springfield, Oregon.

“The number of ‘non-readers’ who enthusiastically finished reading Fire’s Edge delights me. Quite a few students told me it’s the fist complete novel they ever read. Fire’s Edge appeals to reluctant readers and advanced readers alike. They found the characters true to life, the language realistic, and the suspense compelling. Discussion of the novel gave my classes a forum for addressing the issue of racism in our community. Fire’s Edge contributed to an increasing tolerance for cultural diversity in our school.”

— Kathy Harrington, Language Arts teacher, Springfield High, Springfield, Oregon.

“Alan Siporin is inspirational. He has a marvelous presence and gives the students a vivid picture that helps them see things they normally would find hard to see. My students were spellbound.”

— Douglas Card, Adjunct Sociology Professor at the University of Oregon.

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2002 / hardcover / ISBN 0-9722806-0-X / 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" / 320 pgs.
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