2 Causes of Interior Leaks That Indicate You Need Urgent Auto AC Service

When you notice water pooling on the floor of your car, it could be due to a range of underlying reasons. For instance, if your car has a sunroof and it has started deteriorating, moisture can easily make its way into the car. On the other hand, if your windshield has started to show signs of ageing, it will likely start to leak moisture into your vehicle. So how can you tell what the underlying issue is? If the leaks manifest during rainy weather, they likely stem from mechanical damage to your sunroof or windshield. But when the leaks form when it is sweltering outside, this typically means that your air conditioning system is the culprit.

Here are just two causes of interior leaks that indicate you need auto AC services right away.

1. The evaporator drain is blocked

When your air conditioning system is in operation during a particularly sweltering day, it will produce some moisture. When warm, humid air passes through the auto AC system, the system is will not only cool it but the evaporator core will condense the humidity, forming moisture that collects in the evaporator drain. This drain is then tasked with directing the accumulated moisture away from the vehicle. Over time, however, debris can collect inside the evaporator drain and this leads to clogs inside the component.

Similar to a blocked drain in your home, the moisture will not be exiting the vehicle through the proper channels and this causes it to flow back inside the vehicle. Resultantly, you notice suspicious puddles of water at the floor of your car. If unaddressed, the moisture can make its way into internal components leading to other auto issues. If the moisture, for instance, makes its way to the resistor, this component will fail, causing the malfunction of additional components such as the blower motor. Seeking an auto AC service immediately you notice puddling will be critical.

2. The evaporator core is leaking

In some cases, the problem may not even lie with the evaporator drain but instead stems directly from the core! What you need to know about the evaporator core is that this component is made out of metal. While it remains safely shielded from impact, it is still vulnerable to damage due to normal wear. Over time, organic debris such as leaves, tiny twigs and so on pass through the air conditioning system's intake vents and make their way to the evaporator core.

When debris gets trapped in this component, they start to decay and this process corrodes the metallic parts of the evaporator core. When this happens, the auto air conditioning leaks will be accompanied by an underlying musty odour of rotting organic matter. An auto AC service will be imperative to have the evaporator core replaced and system functionality restored.