What's Involved with a Major Automatic Transmission Service?

The automatic transmission system fitted to your car or truck has been designed to last as long as possible. The interior components have been carefully engineered so that they can put up with a tremendous amount of friction, high levels of pressure and excess temperature. From time to time, you will need to top up or change the special transmission fluid, but occasionally, you may need to book the vehicle in for more extensive work. In this case, the transmission will need a major service; what is involved when this happens?

Taking Advantage

If a technician needs to disassemble an automatic transmission to work on some interior parts, they will use this opportunity to thoroughly clean and inspect everything else. If, for example, they have overhauled the torque converter (a key part), then they will need to service all the hydraulic systems, oil ways and filters at the same time.

Removing Old Oil

They'll make sure that they drain the entire automatic transmission and converter thoroughly to remove any oil that may be left within the hydraulic lines. Each of these lines or pipes can be cleaned out before being reassembled, while oil filter elements will need to be discarded and replaced.

Flushing and Cleaning

The system is also equipped with an oil cooler, and this can often accumulate debris over time. The technician will need to flush this out with fresh oil before using compressed air to get rid of the debris. Sometimes they may need to flush this part of the system several times and, if need be, in the reverse direction to the normal flow of oil. This can be painstaking work, but it will pay off in the long run and will definitely extend the usable life of the machine.

Priming the System

During reassembly, the engineer will need to add high-quality oil in stages. After introducing a certain amount of lubricant, the engine will need to be run for several minutes so that all of the lines can be primed and oil can reach the torque converter. Only then will they finish the assembly, check all connections and return the vehicle to the owner.

Scheduling Your Service

If you have been experiencing any issues with your transmission, it may be in need of a major service like this. Talk with your local mechanic about the problem, and they will schedule the work as needed. Ask them any questions you have about your automatic transmission