Simple Techniques to Extend your Car's Transmission Life

The auto transmission system in a car is the box within which the fluid clutch and the gears change as required whenever the vehicle is in motion. It is a complex system with numerous small parts working together in perfect synchronization when operating at an optimum. However, headaches can arise when even the most minor component breaks down as the entire system becomes compromised and in need of auto transmission repairs. With simple actions, though, you can significantly prolong the life of your vehicle's transmission. Here's how:

Maintain Optimal Fluid Levels

Due to continued usage, the transmission fluid levels in the system will decrease over time. Furthermore, any leaks or cracks within the system can also lead to the fluid levels lowering drastically and thus affecting the moving parts within the system. To avoid such a scenario, whereby transmission parts break down due to insufficient fluid, you should regularly check the fluid levels. The two dipsticks to be found conveniently placed on the engine are often great yardsticks for such a measurement.

The colour of the transmission liquid is also of great importance. In optimum condition, the transmission fluid has a distinct reddish hue. However, with continued use, this colour changes to a muddy-brown shade. It is usually a good time to do a fluid change if you notice such a colour change in your transmission fluid. 

Check for Leaks Regularly

You should also keep a strict and regular vigil on the entire transmission system for any leaks within the transmission system. Such a leak can cause untold damage to the system, needing extensive transmission repairs at a great cost. To avoid all this, it is always wise to watch out for signs that might indicate leaks within the system. These signs include fluid droplets leaking out on the road while driving and drastically falling fluid levels in the transmission. Any identified leaks should be dealt with immediately to avoid more devastating transmission problems in future.

Tackle the Trivial Issues Promptly

The system will at times develop trivial issues such as unfamiliar sounds, unusually hard gear shifts and unusual vibrations. All these signs might be an indication of a system that's operating below its optimum level and one that needs some transmission repairs urgently. By fixing such small issues with speed, the extent of the damage is reduced, and the overall transmission life is prolonged.

Auto transmission repairs are often an expensive affair. However, by practising all three of the techniques listed above, you will effectively forego most of these costs by identifying such problems early and having them fixed before they balloon into more significant, more costly issues.

To learn more about maintaining your car, contact a mechanic in your area that offers maintenance services like European car servicing.