Should You Upgrade Your Brake Pad Material for Better Efficiency?

As you may know, your car's braking system relies on degradable material to help slow down the metal discs that are connected to each road wheel. This pad material has to be relatively soft, as otherwise you could cause a lot of damage to those discs when pressing the brake pedal. However, if you are spending a lot of money on pad replacement, you may wonder if you can upgrade to a different type of material that, while it does the job properly, is a little more hard-wearing. Is this an option in your case?

What's the Process?

It pays to understand how the braking system works. After all, you may only apply a small amount of pressure to the pedal, but it's amazing that this action can slow down a vehicle that is as heavy as the average car. To achieve this, the system uses hydraulic fluid that accentuates the pedal action so that the pads are firmly pushed against the disc and can still deal with the expected resistance.

Standard Fit

Manufacturers make these brake pads from a variety of different materials and compounds and will typically fit the best-value products to your car, based on anticipated longevity and 'average' driving. Some of these pads may be organic and made from compounds like resin or rubber, and these are found on cars toward the lower end of the range. However, they won't deal very well with spirited driving and can wear out rather quickly.

Upgrade Option

You may be able to upgrade to semi-metallic brake pads that are made from graphite, iron, copper or steel. If you do, you will need to monitor them carefully and change them promptly if needed, as otherwise some damage can be caused to the brake discs.

Top of the Range

In high-performance cars, carbon-based discs are matched with ceramic pads to provide a much more efficient and hard-wearing solution. These ceramic brake pads can maintain their efficiency even during the highest temperatures, so they will definitely provide a better return on your investment.

What's Your Budget?

Remember, if you want to choose the very best on the market, you may have to replace the discs as well. Everything will boil down to your budget and just how far you want to go in terms of efficiency and safety. Talk with your mechanic about brake repairs and upgrades first, to see what they recommend and whether your vehicle is suitable for the ultimate upgrade.