Common Car AC Problems

If you have ever wondered about what could be causing the air conditioner of your car to perform at a lower level, take a look at the following common causes of those problems. 


The poor performance of your car's air conditioner may be a side effect of an overheating engine. This is because if the engine overheats the coolant in the AC will not flow effectively through the condenser. This can prevent that coolant from cooling down and changing to a gas from its liquid state. This disruption in the operation of the AC can cause it to break down eventually. Have the electric cooling fan and the radiator checked so that the cause of the overheating is rectified.

Electrical Problems

Many recent car models have advanced air conditioning systems that rely on a system of electrical sensors to adjust the temperature and humidity inside your car automatically. An electrical malfunction within that system can make the AC incapable of responding to the changing conditions inside the car. Have the whole system inspected if you notice that it is no longer working as effectively as it used to. 

Punctured Plumbing

Rubber connectors and hoses can become punctured, resulting in a loss of coolant within the air conditioning system. Your car AC will drop in effectiveness if the leak is not detected and repaired in time. AC plumbing can develop leaks due to a variety of factors such as the aging of components and physical trauma when you drive through a bushy area.

Constricted AC Venting

Sometimes, the air conditioner in your car will deliver sub-par results because the vents that let conditioned air into your car have become clogged. This can happen when you take long to clean the interior of your vehicle thoroughly. Dirt and grime gradually build up within the air filters. The result is that the AC will start to work harder in order to maintain the temperature and humidity settings that you entered into its controls. This overwork can eventually cause the AC components to start breaking down one by one if you do not take remedial steps once you notice that your car is no longer as cool or as warm as it used to be when you drive.

The best way to forestall a total breakdown of the AC system is to take it to a specialised repair facility (such as a French car repair centre) so that any anomalies can be fixed.