Four Reasons Your Tyres Are Too Noisy

Few things can interrupt a good drive like noisy, squeaking tyres. They'll turn every turn of the steering wheel into something to dread, and it can be tricky to identify exactly what's causing the problem. Of course, it might just be either the road or weather conditions that are causing the din, but it's possible that there's an issue that needs sorting. Here are four reasons why your tyres might remain troublesome across all conditions.

1. The Wheels Are Too Large

The automotive industry seems to have decided that bigger wheels look better than smaller ones, and you'll often see larger rim sizes advertised as a reason to buy a more expensive trim level. However, smaller wheels actually generate less noise since the thickness of a larger tyre causes more rubber to meet the road. If you're looking to reduce the amount of noise that your tyres are making, trading in your larger wheels for smaller alternatives is a good course of action.

2. High Speed and Load Specs

It should be obvious to most drivers that tyres don't come in only one variety, but many still fail to take into account just how many types there are. Speed and load indexes are commonly ignored, which is a shame since they have an effect on the amount of noise your tyres produce. A tyre that is rated to hit higher speeds and take heavier loads needs to be harder than one meant for everyday driving. The harder a tyre is the more noise it will make, so check that your tyres' specs match your driving style.

3. Improper Wheel Alignment

If your wheels aren't properly aligned, they aren't going to be working in harmony with each other while you're moving. This means that one tyre could drag slightly. This will often result in the vehicle pulling to either the left or right and may also produce excess noise since not all tyres will be rotating as they're supposed to. This is a serious problem rather than a simple nuisance, so make sure to take your car in for a wheel alignment if your car shows these signs.

4. Under-Inflated Tyres

When was the last time you checked the pressure of your tyres? If you can't quite remember, it could be that your noisy tyres are just gasping for air. Several factors, most commonly a change of season, can cause tyres to under- or over-inflate. When a tyre is under-inflated, a greater percentage of its surface area comes into contact with the road below, naturally increasing the amount of noise produced.

Remember, if your tres are complaining, it's best to find out why so you can fix the problem as soon as possible.